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Exploration and Geo Scientific Studies

About Me and this Site


I am a land based and offshore exploration geo-scientist and manager with over 17 years’ experience in mapping, biostratigraphy, stratigraphy, mineral/petroleum exploration, and reconnaissance exploration with advanced computer, management, database management, advanced GIS and spectral geology skills. I am seeking to continue my profession and expand on my knowledge as a geo-scientist throughout various fields of geology. 

This site has a twofold purpose:

  1. To highlight the skills I can offer via joining a team or through consulting

  2. To act as digital resume


Objective is to join with a permanent team of geoscientists to continue my pursuit in the field of scientific discovery.



I work on a variety of Geo-Science projects both on-shore and off-shore, domestic and international: working in the Mineral, Oil and Gas, and Environmental Sectors.  All my work is GIS compatible and is delivered in database format for easy entry.  I can provide specific project related functions or do turnkey projects....



I have worked on various projects both domestic and international: North America, South America (Colombia, Brazil, and Uruguay), Australia, New Zealand, West Africa and Turkey. Both On Shore and Off Shore.  I take on both Field related GeoScience projects or GeoTechnical computer projects revolving around cartography, GIS and remote sensing....


I  have worked with a variety of businesses varying from small to large.  We have worked with individuals to juniors to large major companies no project is too small......

Complete Professional Geo Scientific Services
Geologic Consultant Services
Geologic Consultant Services
Geologic Consultant Services
Geologic Consultant Services
Geologic Consultant Services

My goal at Cellurian Sciences is to provide cost effective professional geologic services to aid in your geo scientific projects.

I have years of experience in various geologic environments to help you complete your projects.

Please check out my experiences and services. 

Brian has been on the forefront of our research and development program and they  thrive to be on the cutting edge of exploration innovation. He led our efforts in understanding mercury and carbon dioxide gas emissions and how they relate to epithermal and Carlin-type gold systems and designed geochemical surveys and interpretations to assist in targeting exploration drilling. Most recently he was in charge of our satellite and airborne image  program and spectral processing as it relates to alteration associated with mineralization. These innovative  geological  skills coupled with his knowledge of GIS analysis, database construction, computer IT work, advance computer programs and basic exploration techniques  provide Brian/Cellurian Sciences with unique qualifications that will no doubt be of value to future clients"

Former President and CEO Miranda Gold

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