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I have worked with a variety of clients from individuals to juniors up to major companies here are just a hand few you can click their logos to be brought to their web page, if available



"Cellurian Sciences has been on the forefront of our research and development program and they  thrive to be on the cutting edge of exploration innovation. They led our efforts in understanding mercury and carbon dioxide gas emissions and how they relate to epithermal and Carlin-type gold systems and designed geochemical surveys and interpretations to assist in targeting exploration drilling. Most recently they were in charge of our satellite and airborne image  program and spectral processing as it relates to alteration associated with mineralization. These innovative  geological  skills coupled with their knowledge of GIS analysis, database construction, computer IT work, advance computer programs and basic exploration techniques  provide Cellurian Sciences with unique qualifications that will no doubt be of value to future clients"

CEO Miranda Gold

"Mr. Cellura and I have worked on a number of projects over the past twelve years, both in Nevada and in Turkey, and I heartily recommend him as a very competent, hard-working, cheerful and diversified geologist. I have had the pleasure of hiring Mr. Cellura to work on projects of my own and benefited from his advanced knowledge of computer systems and GIS in particular."

John Bernt Consulting Geologist, Lander, Wyoming

"Brian is a very broadly skilled earth scientist. I have the pleasure to count Brian Cellura as one of my trusted friends and an outstanding professional colleague. Recently, I tapped into just one of his many skills. In 2014-2015 I wrote the keynote paper for the 2015 Geological Society of Nevada Symposium, New Concepts and Discoveries. I wanted to create 60 colored figures. These figures would include detailed measured Paleozoic stratigraphic columns, various types of geological maps, sequence stratigraphic depositional profiles, limestone classification charts, diagenetic environments, complex outcrop mosaics, etc. I turned to Brian to use his exceptional imaginative graphic and computer skills in developing illustrations that would capture the geological essence and visual concepts of what I wanted to create. This project was a year-long collaborative effort. Throughout this period Brian exhibited the highest degree of creative passion, a sustained determination to fulfill the project to its fruition and the highest integrity in all phases of my needs. Even when Brian was offshore South America on a geophysical cruise we interacted almost daily to ensure my editorial deadlines were on track. Brian's patience and creative graphic skills were invaluable to me for developing the excellent illustrations in my paper entitled, "The Evolution and Relationship of the Western North American Paleozoic Carbonate Platform and Basin Depositional Environments to Carlin-Type Gold Deposits in the Context of Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy". I can recommend Brian Cellura without hesitation."

Harry Cook 

USGS Senior Geologist Emeritus 

Principal Geologist Carbonate Geology LLC


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