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As a highly accomplished geoscience professional, I’ve continually found my greatest successes have been achieved in the areas of advanced geological proficiency, value-added data analysis, leadership and driving a culture of continuous improvement. 


Below is my resume outlining approximately 20 years of experience building a tremendously broad and deep skill set with strengths in a multitude of key geoscience technical proficiencies including; conducting domestic and international project surveys and data analysis, leading project crews and providing advanced GIS/2D/3D mapping. Also, through my experience to date I have developed an advanced understanding of remote sensing techniques and spectral geology. As you will see, my credentials include progressive responsibility with documented success at various organizational levels.

Two formats are available:

1: Professional Resume:  This is a professionally formatted resume written to highlight accomplishments

2: Task Resume: This is formatted to highlight tasks performed during each position, to give the range of experiences over my career. Currently unavailable and in being updated


In my present role, I am accountable for delivering exploration targets, identifying and developing structural domains and providing refinement to detailed stratigraphic columns. In addition, I proactively manage and provide guidance and direction to domestic and international projects in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, West Africa and Turkey. Furthermore, as a skilled communicator, I have the ability to make difficult decisions while delivering projects and tasks in a highly effective manner.


I look forward to meeting with you to discuss any opportunities and/or my qualifications in detail. Please contact me at the phone number or e-mail address provided below. 





Brian Cellura


Brian R. Cellura

775-848-1479 l

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