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Formal  Education
  • B.A. Geology: Western State College of Colorado August 1995, Undergraduate studies in geology focus on the Colorado Plateau Stratigraphy.



  • M.S. Geology: Mackey School of Mines at the University of Nevada Reno Fall 2004, Master’s Thesis in geology focusing on the stratigraphy and biostratigraphy of the Roberts Mountains Allochthon.



Short Course Education
  • August 2005 Applied Reflectance Spectroscopy, Instructor Phoebe Hauff- USGS – 3 Day course Introduction and applied field studies using The Pima Field Spectrometer

  • June 2007 Exploring ENVI and IDL (ENVI 200 - 4 days)
    This course teaches you to read, visualize and analyze many types of digital images using ENVI.  This course was designed to give the user the basics of using the ENVI software package and introduce them to more advanced tools with in the software, and provide and introduction to spectral analysis.

  • July 2007 Spectral Analysis with ENVI (VI 300 - 4 days)
    This class is offered in a 2 or 4-day format. This concentrated four day course focuses on enabling the student to understand how to extract spectral information from images acquired by both multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing instruments.

  • July 2007 –Individual instruction with Joe Zamudio- Instructor for ENVI- short courses- 4 Day training with emphasis on mineral exploration, use of the FLAASH tool, and exporting ROI’s to point shape files to be used in ArcView.

  • December 2008:  Lowell Program in Economic Geology - Short Course on Porphyry, IOCG, and Alkalic Cu and Au - The deposit types that were covered include: porphyry and skarn (Cu, Cu-Au, Cu-Au-Mo, Au-Cu); igneous-related Au-rich epithermal systems (high and low sulfidation); alkaline epithermal Au; iron-oxide-copper-gold "IOCG" (Au, Cu-Au, barren), and; brief comparisons with other deposit types, with associated lectures in: distribution and geologic setting; character of related igneous systems; hydrothermal alteration and ore mineral assemblages; structural aspects – pre-, syn-, and post-mineral; geochemistry of ore-forming systems; comparative geophysics; economics and metallurgy and comparison with other groups of Au, Cu, and barren systems.

  • February 2009 –Individual instruction with Joe Zamudio- Instructor for ENVI- short courses- 4 Day training with emphasis on mineral exploration, and development of procedures for start to finish processing method for Aster Imagery.

  • September 2012-Individual instruction with Joe Zamudio- Instructor for ENVI- short courses training emphasis on Spectral Angle Mapper used in clay identification, for mineral deposits, Vegetation analysis used to locate large alterations zones through vegetation species and liniment analysis using Landsat Imagery.










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