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Geo Services

I am  well experienced in managing all aspect of projects from geochemical surveys, land surveys to research and development we can take your exploration project from the beginning reconnaissance stages to providing drill targets and beyond. I have designed a unique system for evaluating projects and ranking them to help produce meaningful exploration reports.

Reconnaissance Exploration

I specialize in doing Reconnaissance Exploration, finding new areas to work in greenfields exploration.  For over 10 years we have been doing reconnaissance exploration in various parts of the world, in both North and South America, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand.  I have developed a system using various data sets to help reduce large reconnaissance areas in to smaller high profile target areas to focus exploration.

Mineral and Petroleum Exploration

From project scale to regional scale exploration I have completed exploration programs in various countries, and on various projects.  From data compilation to database generation, I can produced detailed geochemical survey(soil, rock chip, enzyme leach, bio geochemical),  air borne surveys, remote sensing survey, mapping, drill supervision, I have to experience to run a full turnkey exploration program whether onshore or offshore.

Off-shore Client Representation

I can  oversee your remote and off shore projects by providing client representation for off shore petroleum work, I have been involved with various Electro Magnetic Survey, bathymetry surveys and others as well. I am certified and up to date with both BOSET and HUET certifications.

Project Portfolio Compilation

Having organized data to help vend or review projects is a key part of any exploration program.  I have a systematic approach to organize and publish your projects to give both all the basic information you need and to help highlight your projects strengths, this makes it easy for you to publish your project on your web page or produce digital disks to send to potential JV partners.

Geologic Mapping

Whether it’s Geochemical, Alteration, Structural, Mineral or Stratigraphic I do all of our mapping in an Arc Platform so that a finished product can be readily incorporated into your GIS portfolio.  I am one of the few companies that can do biostratigraphic mapping, I am currently teaming up with a Dr. Jason Abplanalp to develop a new conodont consulting group for Northern Nevada. 

Biostratigraphic and stratigraphic reconstructions

I have specialized training in stratigraphic and biostratigraphic studies, and provide a variety of services to help with your biostratigraphic needs. From borehole sampling, to project scale sampling/mapping to regional biostratigraphic and s and stratigraphic reconstructions.  We specialize in Radiolarians, Conodonts and Graptolites. I am one of the few companies that is doing biostratigraphic mapping, I am currently teaming up with a Dr. Jason Abplanalp to develop a new conodont consulting group for Northern Nevada. 

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Images from Recent OffShore Survey

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