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  • Co-authored on a technical paper: Stratigraphy And Structure On The Bell Creek Nappe (Antler Orogen), Ren Property, Northern Carlin Trend, Nevada. (GSN Field Conference 1997)

  • Biostratigraphy Resolves Structure and Stratigraphy of the Roberts Mountains Allochthon, Tuscarora Mountains, Nevada, Providing a Unique Exploration Tool. (Abstract GSN 2000)

  • Detailed Mapping And Biostratigraphy Are Used To Decipher Stratigraphic Relationships Of The Roberts Mountains Allochthon, Emigrant Pass Quadrangle, Northeast Nevada. (Abstract GSA 2000)

  • Short Paper: Biostratigraphy And Structural Geology In The Marys Mountain Area, Carlin Trend, Nevada (GSN Field Conference 2001)

  • Regional Tectonics and Structural Control of Ore, the Major Gold Trends of Northern Nevada (GSN Field Conference 2001)

  • Biostratigraphy Of The Southern Tuscarora Mountains, Eureka, Nv. MSc. Thesis Graduate Studies: 2004

  • Stratigraphy and structural geology of the Roberts Mountains allochthon, Carlin/Battle Mountains Eureka Trends, Nevada, USA, clarified through biostratigraphy GSA Oregon 2009

  • Cutting Edge Prospects at Miranda Gold (Speaker): GIS in Mining and Exploration Online Summit 2012 

  • Workshop - cutting edge GIS technologies applied for mineral and natural resource exploration(Speaker): GIS Applications across Industry Sectors Geospace 2012, Brussels, Belgium

  • Utilizing Technology to Improve the Mining Exploration Procurement Process (Speaker): Mining Procurement Summit, Pittsburgh, 2013

  • Article: Regional Tectonics And Structural Control Of Ore: The Major Gold Trends Of Northern Nevada Pat Cashman · Richard Bedell · Brian Cellura

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