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Providing professional Geo-Scientific services to complete your projects
GIS/Cartography Drafting



Data/Database Managment



Remote Sensing/ Spectral Geology


Provide client technical/HSSE representation for off shore surveys; Oversee and manage field crews, survey crews and exploration programs domestically and internationally, legal/client representation, proposal generation; Project/data management, property analysis/evaluation and generative work, field/project/geologic exploration; Detailed and regional geologic mapping, geochemical surveying and sampling, geo-statistical plotting graphing; On and off-shore geophysical data review, geophysical survey management; Regional and project scale biostratigraphic studies using radiolarians, conodonts and graptolites, biostratigraphic analysis of drill holes, biological and archeological studies; digital downhole, RC, Core and Mud logging, borehole display, research,  and provide training/education short courses.

GIS data management and support, development of GIS database infrastructure, GIS/Data compilations, programming and mobilization of GPS/GIS field units, GIS training, Digital Elevation Model /bathymetry generation, cartography; 3D modeling

Database analysis/setup/database management, data and project compilations, project portfolio compilation and data procurement:

Remote sensing  ASTER, LandSat, and Hyperspectral data acquisition  and processing and spectral data evaluation;

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